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CSZ: 5000-000-0003

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Adó nélkül: 1 581 225,00 Ft Adóval: 2 008 155,75 Ft

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New possibilities for giant logs

Giant logs are easiest to cut up on the spot where they were felled. The Logosol Big Mill is a complete equipment package that gives you unique opportunities to make use of valuable giant logs. Cut wide, rough-edged boards from different sorts of fine wood. The system with two guide rails gives stability and highest precision. You work quickly and safely in a comfortable working position. After some practice, you will only need a couple of minutes to set the equipment for the next cut. This sawmill can handle log lengths up to 2.7 metres and diameters up to 135 cm. You can extend the equipment for longer logs.

Chainsaw are sold separately.

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